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Were born in a" bohemian "flat on the London Road, Bath in the late 1970's, shared with a couple of musicians from semi-legendary SWELL MAPS.

The band spent months jamming with friends until songs were written, and the line-up was complete.

Paul De St Croix ( Keyboards), Kent Godwin (Guitar / Vocals ) , Mike Ware (Drums/ Vocals), together with Paul Grifith on bass, and Gus South on vocals. Influences ranged from the Beatles, to Television, Talking heads etc. A band who never fully forfilled their potential.

A three  track demo tape was recorded in Bristol in 1981,Can you be creative on a bus, Food and Four Minute Warning were the tracks. The songs got a good reception and the band then rehearsed for six months, played one gig, and unfortunately split up due to musical differences!! (is there ever another reason?) There remains a large amount of unreleased material which deserves to see the light of day .One track Suble Bodies theme song contains the lines'We are subtle bodies, we have subtle bodies, why do we all behave like idiots' True then, true now!




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